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Welcome To My Home Page

Biology website. I know it has been awhile since I have updated the site, but having a baby is very exciting and leaves little time for anything else.

We are now in the fifth six weeks. We are almost finished with the school year, but before the summer comes we have more exciting things to do and go over, so you will be prepared for your sophmore year.

We have now started our unit on genetics. I will post the vocabulary words on the site as well as helpful websites for better understanding.

During our study of genetics you will learn about the structure and composition of DNA as well as how genes are expressed. We will also look at genetic disorders and problems in heredity.

FIFTH Six Weeks

Your personal project for this fifth six weeks, will be a little different from the traditional report. Each of you will be assigned a science occupation to research. You will create a posterboard visual and perform a three minute oral report in front of the class.  You can find the guidelines under Custom Page 3.



Do not forget about our 3-D DNA model. I have been reminding everyone to bring in soft candy so we can build the DNA model. Do not be afraid to ask your parents. Parents want you to do well therefore they will help you with your supplies. Keep in mind you will receive extra credit. We need soft candy like, gummy bears, marshmallows. Twizzlers are also great for creating the 3-D model and toothpicks. It does not have to be the name brand candy, generic is just fine. Remember if yiou can easily put a toothpick through its perfect!


What's New Page = Current topics in BIology class

About Page = Syllabus and vocabulary words

Custom page = PAP information

Custom 2 = Test tips

Custom 3 = Report and project information

Custom 4 = Question Box Answers 


There are some new extra credit options. We will building DNA candy for the end of the semester. In order to do this we will need soft candy, marshmallows and toothpicks. If you bring in a bag of candy or marshmallows you will receive 20 extra credit points. A box of toothpicks willl earn you 15 extra credit point. You may bring up to three items. However you can only bring up to two bags of candy or two boxes of toothpicks.

If you do not have at least a seventy in the class you are not eligible for extra credit.

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